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Falling In Reverse Album

I have recently began listening to music and artists. They have all been recommended to me by one of my best friends, who I’ll refer to as HL. Well, HL is basically a music fanatic. She likes almost all genres of music and most artists. Although she also recommended many other bands, HL strongly recommended Falling In Reverse, Ronnie Radke’s new band. He was previously the singer for Escape the Fate, whom I have yet to listen to. However, I think Falling In Reverse is great. I love the whole album “The Drug in Me is You.” It is one of my favorite’s of all time. The first five songs (Raised by Wolves, Tragic Magic, The Drug in Me is You, I’m Not a Vampire and Good Girls Bad Guys) are great. Although there is a little screaming in them, they are mostly hardcore songs. If you know about Ronnie’s history you will probably understand who and what the songs are written about. Plus, Good Girls Bad Guys mentions a question I also have considered so that’s a plus. The next couple songs, I do have some complaints with however. Pick Up the Phone is great, although I do dislike the reference to him and a girl fighting each other (it implies abuse). Don’t Mess With Ouija Boards has a good message except for the random screaming of “DON’T MESS WITH OUIJA BOARDS!” I enjoy Sink or Swim and Caught Like a Fly as they are. Goodbye Graceful would be better with less screaming. I enjoy the Westerner as it is as well. All in all, the album is amazing. I look forward to hearing more from this band, and I will also check out Escape the Fate since they seem like they would be similar to each other.

P.S. The guitarist for this band, Jacky Vincent, is amazing. One of the best (if not the best) I’ve ever heard. His solos are amazing.