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Steve Jobs Retiring From Apple

Apple CEO Steve Jobs retired from his post a couple of days ago. And although he had a very good reason to (he isn’t well. He is currently suffering from cancer) I think he should have waited. Not to necessarily resign but to tell the world he has. Let the new CEO take over the job for him, but give Steve Jobs one last keynote with one last product announcement: the iPhone 5. It is supposedly going to be announced soon (rumors are saying September) and it would have been a great last hoora. The only problem with this is how rapidly his cancer is spreading and how ill he is. I would like to think he isn’t dying but the cancer is making it harder for him to do his job. In that case, it would’ve been great for him to do one last keynote. I myself am not looking forward to seeing how the new CEO will announce the iPhone 5. Steve Jobs was great at it and it will be hard for his replacement to live up to standard.